Congratulations on first prize

Henry's hard work was rewarded

In the final of the "xiaoyezi" online piano competition on August 30th, 2020, Henry Shi (10 years old) won a first prize in his age group of 550 participants. The signature of the pianist Lang Lang at the bottom right of the first picture.

Big Surprise for Henry in the Prizewinner Concert

Jugend musiziert 02/16/2020

In the regional competition for young musicians, the jury (chaired by Prof. Jörg Krämer) proposed Henry Shi for a special prize for excellent solo contribution due to the highest possible score of 25 points in the competition, which he was recognized as the only participant in his age group. This was presented to him on the occasion of the prizewinner concert on February 16, 2020.

Great Joy about the Results in the regional Competition of Jugend musiziert

31.1 - 2.2.2020 Nürnberg

Five of my students took part in this year's Jugend musiziert competition in the category piano solo. Here are the results:

1st image: Anna Geis, 8 years old, 1st Prize AG 1b
2nd image: Sophie Wei, 6 years old, 1st Prize AG 1a
3rd image: Henry Shi, 10 years old, 1st Prize AG 2 with forwarding to the state competition. Henry was the only one in his group of 18 participants to achieve the highest rating of 25 points.
4th image: Nathanael Berg, 13 years old, 1st Prize with forwarding to the state competition, AG 3
5th image: Hannah Trapp, 15 years old, 1st Prize with forwarding to the state competition, AG 4

The hard work of practicing was worth it. The first prizes are reward and motivation at the same time.

Notable Success


At this year's international Grotrian-Steinweg competition in Braunschweig, two of my students were awarded a second prize.

For Anna (1st picture) it was the first competition ever (a 1st prize was not awarded). A very big incentive.

For Henry (2nd picture) it was a very successful start into the year 2020 after the successful casting show Supertalent, as well as the participation in the finale of the Steinway competition in Hamburg last year. It is also a huge incentive for him to continue on this path.


Steinway Piano Competition 2019 Hamburg

Final 09.11.2019, Laeiszhalle

Henry Shi, 10 years old, was allowed to present himself to a large audience in the finale of the Steinway piano competition 2019 in Hamburg with his favorite piece of the composition Alla Turca Jazz. For him an overwhelming and an extremely positive experience.

Karel Kunc Competition


At this year's Karel-Kunc competition, held in Bad Dürckheim at the end of September, Elias Lichte, piano, and Manuel Ebert, transverse flute, won a 3rd prize in age group III.


State Competition Jugend musiziert 2019


Hannah Julia Trapp, piano, Antonia Greifenstein, oboe, AG III, 1st prize with forwarding to the federal competition.
David Dinh, piano accompaniment, AG V, 1st prize (no forwarding to the Bund, since the soloist Maxime Berg, violin, only played AG II).
Manuel Ebert, transverse flute, Elias Lichte, piano, AG IV, 2nd prize.
Iva Kowalzki, piano, Anna Brem, oboe, AG II, 2nd prize.
At the federal competition in Halle, the duo achieved an excellent 2nd prize with 23 points.


Regional Competition Jugend musiziert

Late January 2019 Nuremberg and early February Erlangen

All four participating duos, piano and oboe (2 duos), piano and violin, piano and transverse flute won a 1st prize with forwarding to the state competition in mid-April in Hof.

Hannah Julia Trapp, piano and Antonia von Greifenstein, oboe, received the Sparkassen Promotion Prize of € 400 as a special award.


Karel-Kunc Chamber Music Competition

October 2018

We wholeheartedly congratulate Raphaela Debus, violin and Jan Zhong, piano at this year's Karel-Kunc Chamber Music Competition in October 2018 for the 2nd prize. In particular, they convinced the jury with a work by Volker Blumenthaler "Fantasterei" for violin and piano. They will also perform this work again at a concert in Bad Dürckheim on January 20, 2019.


National Competition Jugend musiziert


We sincerely congratulate Calvin and Daniel Diao, who won a 3rd prize in the piano category four-handed in age group IV with 21 points at this year's federal competition in Lübeck.


Karel-Kunc-Competition 2017

Bad Dürkheim

We warmly congratulate Hannah Julia Trapp and Antonia Greifenstein on their success in this year's Karel Kunc competition. They achieved a 2nd prize in their age group II.

National Competition Jugend musiziert


Markus Philipp Schirmer, AG VI, piano solo 3rd prize.

Again we are happy about a very good competitive success


Raphaela Debus, violin, and Lukas Phan, piano, won a 1st prize in chamber music on October 3, 2016 in the national Karel-Kunc-Competition. We congratulate you on this great success!

Carl-Schroeder Competition


Hannah Julia Trapp (11, piano) was awarded with the title "outstanding" in piano accompaniment at the nationwide Carl Schroeder Competition 2016.

International Youth Competition


Markus Phillip Schirmer won a 3rd prize at the international youth competition 2016 in Essen.

Markus will perform part of his program in the prizewinners concert, which takes place on June 12th at 11:00 a.m. in the Philharmonie in Essen. He will play the Etude op. 12 in Dis minor by A. Skriabin and the Stier from the Makrokosmos by G. Crumb.

Jugend musiziert

Duo Success

Hannah Julia Trapp (11, piano) and Antonia Greifenstein (10, oboe) won a 1st prize in the regional competition Jugend musiziert in Nuremberg with forwarding to the state competition in age group II. In addition, they also received the Sparkassen Promotion Prize for special achievements because of their outstanding achievements in Duo Performances.

At the Bavarian State Competition in Regensburg, the duo also won a 1st prize in age group II.

National Bach Competition for Young Pianists

Köthen 2015

Hannah Julia Trapp won a promotional award in age group I (eight to ten years) with 21.4 points.

Markus Philipp Schirmer also won a promotional award in age group III (15 to 19 years) with 21.6 points.

Carl Bechstein Competition

Berlin 2015

Raphaela Debus, violin and Milena Müller, piano won a 3rd prize at the national Carl Bechstein competition in Berlin in October 2015.

Successes at the Federal Competition


Lukas Phan (piano) and Janis Roos (violin) received a second prize in the age group IV at the national competition Jugend musiziert. There, Milena Müller (piano) and Raphaela Debus (violin) also won 3rd prize in the 5th age group.

International 61st Grotrian-Steinweg Competition

1st prize for Markus Philipp Schirmer

Markus Philipp Schirmer had an outstanding success at this year's Grotrian-Steinweg competition in Braunschweig: he won a 1st prize in age group VI!

Cultural Promotion Award for Alexander Zamosteanu

Cultural Promotion Award

On October 9, 2014, Alexandra Zamosteanu received the ARTS Cultural Promotion Prize from the Kultufördervereinigung Traunstein e.V.