Andrej Stepanov

I have been playing the piano myself for 23 years and came to Madame Goletzko as an advanced (music college experience, etc.) pianist. For a good 5 years I have been a student at the music education chair, where I was also a piano student from Madame Goletzko. Since this week, October 15th, 2020 I have passed my state exam in piano with a very good performance and a grade of 1.0. All examiners were visibly touched by the piano playing and an honored professor who sat on the jury gave me a "Bravo!" sincerely and congratulated with a smile!

I am very grateful to Madame Goletzko for our time together and, above all, I thank you very much for the progress made and for a blessed and pleasant time that I was able to enjoy in my lessons with Madame Goletzko:

1. New impulses and improvements in my playing technique! My technique has become more relaxed and multifaceted! There was also more attention and awareness of the sound.
2. Great and effective practice and performance techniques that significantly improve playing in front of spectators and memorizing notes! In the end, I was able to learn more pieces in the same time and also perform them better and more satisfied! Madame Goletzko is truly one of the most successful piano teachers worldwide, and not just by chance!
3.For the loving and confident atmosphere in every piano lesson! Instead of stipulating overtime and focusing my week on completing certain piano routines, Madame Goletzko takes a different mental and psychological path with her students. She gets the best out of every lesson, summarizes what has been achieved, draws attention to the progress made, encourages you with her warm words and awaits the student with renewed vigor for the new lesson! You just WANT to practice during the week. Practice takes on a completely different face with Madame Goletzko!

I am very grateful that I was not only able to experience and meet such a wonderful piano teacher in my life, but rather a complete person who lives for his piano teaching art and who literally inspires and infects other people! In the end, you just want to keep developing and this learning process is no longer motivated by the MUST, but by the WANT!

With great gratitude,
Andrey Stepanov
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Mrs. Goletzko is a wonderful piano teacher. I leave every hour with a grin, relaxation and improved technique.
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Felix Ulmer

We are very happy to have met Ms. Goletzko. Our daughter suddenly loves her piano and is very motivated to work out difficult pieces. Thanks a lot!
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JoYa Ambrusits

Nannette-Christine Goletzko is one of the few piano teachers who lives out her passion for playing the piano day and night. She will probably continue to practice her passion for teaching - for both young and older musicians - with the greatest dedication to the instrument and to music until the end of her life. Her precise care in practicing the pieces and her high level of duty towards her students make her a professional teacher who is second to none. The pressure is never too high and the fun is never neglected, although the learning process progresses rapidly with every minute of her lesson. Absolute recommendation for young and old!
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Luca Schwerdtner

Although I have only been playing the piano for a year, Ms. Goletzko has brought me a long way. I look forward to every piano lesson because I always get very far with my pieces. I am lucky to be taught by her!
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Great piano teacher!

Ms. Goletzko loves teaching, and you can notice that in every piano lesson. There is not only a pleasant working atmosphere in their classes. She also deals with her students individually and gets the best out of them. Thanks to her years of piano experience and her high level of musicological and historical competence, she approaches each piece with very individual practice techniques. Three different pieces from different epochs have to be prepared for the piano exam. Ms. Goletzko knows exactly which skills are required for which piece and therefore develops effective exercise plans. In the three years as a piano student with her, I was able to improve noticeably.

I thank her for that and would be happy to recommend her to others!
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Daniel Diao

Very good piano teacher, also from the human side! The rare technique of relaxed piano playing is taught by her like hardly any other person.
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Florian Hillienhoff

She is teaching very well.
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Wilhelm Berg

One of the best piano teachers in Nuremberg.
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