The course for violin and piano, that has been successful and fully booked for many years was enriched by several more instruments during this years 24th course. Since the first course in 1999 numerous young pianists and musicians have been supported and were prepared for a life in the musical scene. During the piano course the preparatory work for students with national prizes in the competition Jugend musiziert piano solo and chamber music was done and besides this the new concert series Klassik in Ruhpolding was established.

During the course, lessons of 30 or 45 minutes are given on seven days and lessons in ear training and music theory on three days. The day is rounded off with gymnastics and daily exercise options on the instrument. If the course in music theory is taken, one-to-one lessons (45 or 30 minutes) take place over seven days.

On some of the evenings there will be small recitals for the participants and their parents, in which the students can practice playing their pieces in front of an audience.

The course always takes place in the premises provided by the community of Ruhpolding, which promotes and supports the course in all respects.

The final concert, in which prize winners from various competitions (e.g. Jugend musiziert, Steinway-Wettbewerb (Hamburg, Berlin), Nürnberger Klavier-Wettbewerb, etc.) also regularly play, takes place in the Alte Schule in Ruhpolding.


Students with piano, violin, transverse flute etc. as a main subject and young people who want to deepen their knowledge and skills and are particularly interested in the possibilities of professional practice and memorizing, learning self confidence in concerts and expansion of musical knowledge.

Beginners who want to test whether they have the necessary prerequisites for piano or other instruments through the intensive lessons and the free practice options, and children, who are supposed to learn the basics of an instrument and of music theory and want to learn how much joy can be found in music.

For course participants and relatives, inexpensive accommodations can be booked through the organizer. You can receive our detailed leaflet on request.


Nannette-Christine Goletzko

Anna Maria Stanecka

Udo Frisch