Wir machen Musik - Klassik in Ruhpolding

27.05 - 05.06.2023

with great response, we ended the course this year with a final concert on June 4th, 2023 in the old school, Ruhpoding. This year the little ones were the biggest. Between the ages of 7 and 12, impressive works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and, as a special highlight, an award-winning composition for piano by Victor Breimesser were presented. The audience thanked him with standing ovations. This motivation makes you want to come next year.

The next course will take place from Saturday 05/18/2024 (welcome and start) to 05/27/2024 (departure). Big final concert on May 26, 2024 at 7:30 p.m. in the old school in Ruhpolding.

Wir machen Musik - Klassik in Ruhpolding

04.06 - 13.06.2022

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the piano and chamber music course took place in Ruhpolding. Still with a limited number of participants (and fewer teachers) though with such great joy and enthusiasm. Auditions in assisted living at the Vincentinum, an open air concert in the Kurpark and the big final concert on June 12th, 2022 in the old school, Ruhpolding showed the ability, the diligence and the joy of the young artists who took part in this course.
Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to revive the course!

Date for the course next year
Wir machen Musik - Klassik in Ruhpolding
27.05.2023 - 05.06.2023

Wir machen Musik - Klassik in Ruhpolding

04.06 - 13.06.2022

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, from June 4th to June 13th, 2022 in Ruhpolding the motto is again: We are doing classical music in Ruhpolding.

This course has been attracting music-loving children and young people to Ruhpolding since 1998. Some "former" students are already studying music, while others can look back on a number of competition successes. Even the youngest participants (from 4 years of age) already begin with a sound musical-pianistic training.
This year's piano and chamber music course Wir machen Musik, Klassik in Ruhpolding will take place from June 4th - June 13th, 2022. The course 2022 will be carried out strictly according to 2G rules. Tests can also be requested, depending on how the corona pandemic is up to this time. Children up to the age of 12 have so far been exempted from the vaccination, but here too we have to keep an eye on the state requirements and of course we will comply with them. The number of participants is limited this year. If you reserve yourself for this course or would like more information about it, please contact me by email ( with the request to provide the telephone number). The joy that the course can take place again is HUGE!

Piano and Chamber Music course

June 8 - June 17, 2019

As always, the piano and chamber music course taking place in the 21st year was fully booked and the participants can look back on very nice concert experiences and joint activities after the end of the course week. In the follow-up concert that took place on June 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Alte Schule in Ruhpolding, the audience was able to convince themselves of the excellent performances of the young musicians in the fully occupied hall. It was not without pride that the organizers also announced that 3 participants in the course had been awarded a 1st and two 2nd federal prizes of the Jugend musiziert Competition.


Klassik in Ruhpolding

New Year's concert on 01/01/2019 at 5 p.m.

In the parish hall of the Evangelical Johanneskirche Christl-Probst-Straße 19, 83324 Ruhpolding, free admission.

Performers: Karin Beer, piano, transverse flute, Felix Beer, oboe, Raphaela Debus, violin, Nannette-Christine Goletzko, piano. With works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and selected Japanese composers.

Klassik in Ruhpolding

Hardworking participants and helpers

The guest of honor, Mr. Claus Pichler, Mayor of Ruhpolding, also congratulated on the 20th anniversary of the course "Wir machen Musik - Klassik in Ruhpolding". Thank you all for the many course participants and helpers!

Final Concert

June 11, 2017

Even in the 20th year of the course "Wir machen Musik", beginning in 1998, this musical event has not lost its fascination. In the crowded hall of the Alte Schule in Ruhpolding, the audience was offered an exciting final concert. Among others, there were national prize winners in piano solo 2017: Danai Voigatzi, AG III 1st prize, Markus Philipp Schirmer, piano solo, AG VI, 3rd prize and Sonja Andreasch together with Diane Lahmi, both cello, AG IV, 3rd prize. The final concert also featured Raphaela Debus, violin, with Lukas Phan, piano, who won a 1st prize in the Karel-Kunc competition in Bad Dürkheim, AG VI in October 2016.

We were also very happy to welcome a number of new course participants, e.g. Manuela Hannebuth (4 years old) and her sister Dorothea Hannebuth (7 years old), who amazed the audience at this age due to their musical achievements.

Final Concert

Klassik in Ruhpolding 2016

The very successful course at Pentecost in Ruhpolding with numerous participants from many German cities culminated in this year's final concert on May 22, 2016. The concert showed amazing performances by the young artists and was framed by long applause and numerous "Bravo" calls.