Chamber Concert

On November 23, 2018 with Mika Enjo, transverse flute and Nannette Christine Goletzko, piano

Dear Ms. Goletzko,

In Kyoto, the beautiful autumn is over and the thoughts are already approaching the Japanese New Year. But the memory of your concert together with Mika Enjo on November 23rd will remain for a long time and will accompany everyone who could attend it. It was the second time that you and Mika have participated in our annual Momiji festival. Your concert was a great "success" if that word is allowed. Your greeting of the listeners in Japanese impressed the audience and many were pleased that you and Mika also performed some familiar pieces by Japanese composers for the Japanese listeners. Your interpretation of Chopin's Prelude and Beethoven's Piano Sonata is not only unforgettable for me. So far you've put your light under the bushel. You are not just a piano teacher, but a very gifted pianist. I would like to thank you again personally and on behalf of all listeners. I associate this with the hope that we will see each other in Kyoto in the Kansai Seminar House next year again.

Yours Klaus Spennemann
Nippon Christian Academy
Kansai Seminar House

Concert excerpts:
R.Schumann aus den drei Romanzen op. 94
W.A.Mozart Sonate C-Dur K.V. 14

Who always wanted to travel to Japan


Kansai Seminar House, Kyoto starts at 2 p.m.

Chamber Music Concert with Mika Enjo, transverse flute and Nannette Christine Goletzko, Piano with works by W.A. Mozart, Robert Schumann, Johann Sebastian Bach and selected Japanese composers.

Benefit Concert

For Ichinoseki

On June 2, 2018, a charity concert for the children's home Fujinosono in Ichinoseki took place in the gallery Falkenstern fine art in Kampen on Sylt. The performers were: Mika Enjo - flute, Nannette Christine Goletzko - piano. Since 2012, donations of these concerts have been used to finance food deliveries to this orphanage in Japan. The eighth grocery delivery is planned for December 2018.

Chamber Concert with Mika Enjo

Transverse flute in Kyoto, Japan 2017

After the concert on November 7th. was announced in the newspaper in Kyoto, it was sold out after a short time.

The audience was visibly enthusiastic about the artistic and harmonious interplay of the two musicians. Intensive applause and three encores ended this beautiful concert.

The special atmosphere in HAKUSASONSO certainly contributed to the success.
Further information here.

The earnings went to Mr. Hashimoto Kansetsu, a small contribution to maintain this beautiful museum and the associated garden.

Concert excerpts:
Meditation (Thais) by J.Massenet

Chamber Concert

For transverse flute and piano

On November 23, 2016, a highly regarded chamber concert took place in the Kansai Seminar House in Kyoto (Japan). Mika Enjo, transverse flute Nannette Christine Goletzko, piano.

Dear Ms. Goletzko,

Please excuse me for thanking you so late for your concert. In the meantime, I have heard many reactions. All listeners were deeply affected. With your encore, the Ave Maria von Bach, many have come to tears. Mika's flute playing and your accompaniment, which fitted so well together, have also mesmerized the musical "lay people" among the listeners. In our Kansai Seminar House I have not experienced a concert that impressed the audience so deeply. Personally, on behalf of all our employees and on behalf of all the listeners, I would like to thank you once again. It was indescribably beautiful.

By Klaus Spennemann
(Director of Kansai Seminar House)