After the big accident in Fukushima, I decided to help those affected in Japan. The strong earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami left many people and families homeless. The Fujinosono children's home in Ichinoseki, Japan, was also badly damaged and the children were forced to move to a temporary home in the form of residential containers. Sixty girls and boys had to live in this provisional accommodation until a new building was completed. After completion of the new building, the 60 children were able to move back to the Fujinosono children's home. However, the region still suffers from the consequences of the disaster. There are still families living under self-made corrugated iron roofs. That's why I decided to support the Fujinosono children's home. In order to achieve this and to help the people there, I organize benefit concerts, the earning of which are invested in food deliveries for the needy children.

To date, seven large food shipments have been brought to Ichinoseki with the help of DHL. We are always touched by the joy of the children and caregivers, which is expressed in Sister Celina's letters of thanks to us.

Before each delivery of food, we ask Sister Celina what is needed and put the delivery together according to her wishes. Canned fruit, pasta (e.g. spaghetti), canned vegetables (tomatoes, beans, corn) are still the top priority. Fruit is very expensive in Japan and is still considered something special.

After the fifth delivery took place shortly before Christmas, we also included an advent calendar for each child. The joy of the children was indescribable. Every morning at breakfast there was something to talk about; who had what in the door. Advent calendars are not common in Japan. At this point, I would like to thank everyone involved - especially DHL (on behalf of Mr. Olivier Darr) - who make this project possible, as well as my students who support me with their industriousness and willingness to participate in the concerts.


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